About Total Immersion


“Digitally connect product to consumer with Total Immersion”

Total Immersion is the global leader in virtual try-on and augmented reality solutions for e-commerce, mobile commerce, retail and brand marketing.

Building on over a decade of augmented reality experience and unique patented technologies, TryLive solutions enable enhanced and social shopping experiences both at home, in store and on the go.

Trylive solutions bring together “Physical and Digital” for the best ever user and consumers shopping experience.

Where It All Started

Valentin Lefevre worked for a French company that made expensive flight simulators when one day, he had a vision.  It was during the mid-1980s when home computers were still a novelty that Lefevre could already imagine the day when the average person would be walking around with a device in their pocket which would house all their music.  He also believed sophisticated video simulations could be played on the same device.

Valentin Lefevre and Bruno Uzzan co-founded Total Immersion in 1998, introducing Visio Training, a fitness simulation utilizing a treadmill and video to allow exercisers to run through the streets of different cities.  The high quality consumer experience was what gave the company the chance to expand its vision beyond fitness.

Total Immersion went on to pioneer D’Fusion, the proprietary software enabling the fusion of reality and animation that came to be known as Augmented Reality (AR).  The very first AR image, a tiger, came to life in 2004, just as the company was moving from a garage to a warehouse. Attending the DEMO technology conference that same year, Total Immersion won a coveted “Demogod” award, wowing a notoriously skeptical crowd.  

Total Immersion and Augmented Reality quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, attracting such clients as Disney, FedEx and GM while creating new uses and business solutions for the rapidly evolving product.

Today, mobile technology is king. And as Valentin Lefevre envisioned a quarter century earlier, Total Immersion is developing compelling AR experiences that can fit in a pocket. 

Where It’s Going

As far as Augmented Reality has come, Total Immersion believes it’s just the beginning.  

But today, we have to find some usages to this beautiful technology. That's why Total Immersion is now developing vertical solutions based on Augmented Reality to address the e- and m-commerce needs.  TryLive is today the most advanced virtual try-on and 3D visualization solution on the market enabling consumers to try and find their new glasses and furniture online from the confort of their home.

We will continue the developement of our solutions to offer the best shopping experience online and in-store with a larger range of products and maximize the conversion.