Pioneer in Augmented Reality Technology

Since its inception in 1999, Total Immersion has led the Augmented Reality industry through its patented technology that blurs the line between the virtual world and the real world by integrating real time interactive 3D graphics into a live video stream.

State-of-the-Art Augmented Reality Technology

Device-, OS- and browser-agnostic, Total Immersion cutting edge technology leverages computer vision technology and features sophisticated Marker Less tracking as well as unmatched Face Tracking capabilities. Total Immersion AR technology also integrates a sophisticated 3D rendering engine to create high quality augmented reality experiences.


At the forefront of innovation, Total Immersion has been heavily investing in R&D and working closely with OEMs and hardware partners to proactively guarantee state-of-the-art AR capabilities on new consumer electronic devices before they are commercially available.

Most widely used Commercial AR SDK

With over 2,000 executed augmented reality solutions for name brands and organizations, Total Immersion Augmented Reality Engine, previously named D’Fusion was the most used AR SDK. The applications are unlimited, from the automotive or aviation product showcase to the mass-market game on mobile, and including interactive experiences outdoor like interactive windows and giant screens.


Solution-oriented AR Technology

Today, Total Immersion focuses all its augmented reality developments for TryLive, a suite of virtual try-on solutions for retail, e- and m-commerce. TryLive embeds and benefits of Total Immersion AR Engine which integrates the best in class Face Tracking technology to offer consumers a virtual wearable products try-on as in a real mirror, and marker and marker-less technologies for other 3D products visualization at any place.


Total Immersion will continue to improve its overall AR technology to offer the best customer and shopping experiences everywhere, online and offline. Total Immersion believes its technology will be main stream tomorrow and by integrating new types of “Information Data” technologies, we will be able to predict and always enhance the customer experience.