Top 10 Augmented Reality Use cases

Let’s take a deep-dive into Augmented Reality Technology with ten use-cases showing how Total Immersion is defining a technology and making it real for businesses and consumers alike.

From differentiating ground-breaking promotional activities to effective industrial applications, they are putting the light on the numerous opportunities Augmented Reality Solutions are already offering companies across a wide spectrum of fields and trades, enriching consumers’ reality and offering.

Think AR for your next industrial application.

Take education and training to the next level.

Mix computer vision and LBS for delivering compelling AR experiences.

Try anything on without taking anything off™.

Engage your customer with interactive AR experience.

AR and social networks are the perfect ingredients for your brand recognition campaign.

Take advantage of one of the new top ten innovative technologies.

Make your store window your best advertising tool.

Differentiate yourself from the competition and drives innovation in your business.

Upgrade your campaign with AR Advergames and captive your audience.