What is Augmented Reality?

Total Immersion brings you the ultimate interactive virtual experience. It is the unification of digital software and live surroundings that generate scenes in real time, augmenting what you see to connect you with the digital and physical world.

Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video or the user's environment in real time. 

How to experience Augmented Reality?














Our real time video stream requires 3 simple steps:  

  1. Recognition: Recognition of an image, an object, a face or a body
  2. Tracking: Real-time localization in space of the image, object, face, or body
  3. Mix: Superposition of a media (video, 3D, 2D, text, etc…) on top of this image, object, face or body.


How does AR work?

The process of these three steps takes less than 40ms to match the human eye fluidity of 25 images per second. Powerful algorithms need to be applied and research is continuously progressing to further develop each of these three processes boosted by the growing performances of equipment and devices.

Computer Vision is in itself a high consumer of CPU but higher is the available power, better is the sophistication of the algorithm for a truly enhanced user experience. Furthermore, with the rapidly progressing utilization of captors, such as GPS, Compass, gyroscope, thermometers, speedometer, the sum of information collected can be used to further enrich and boost users experience in a current context.


What are Augmented Reality Usages?

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