Total Immersion was invited to have a speech on Tech+ Forum in Korea


Total Immersion was invited to have a speech on Tech+ Forum in Korea


Philippe de Passorio – the head of Asia in Total Immersion just finish a speech in the Tech+ Forum in Busan, South Korea. This is the second time that Philippe was invited to be the speaker since 2010.


Tech+ Forum is a knowledge forum for all those seeking creative inspiration by combining technology with economy, culture and humanistic aspects. Hosted by Korea Institude for Advancement of Technology in Seoul, a branch of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, the tech+Forum is a public event boasting almost 7500 attendees over is 2 days run. Since its inception in 2009, the tech+ Forum motto remains unchanged as it continues to bring together “Ideas Changing the World.”


And it’s no doubts that augmented reality is one of the technologies that is changing the world. Orginally it’s seen as a mere technological showcase or just a fad, but now it has demonstrated its pertinence amongst a vast field of various applications and sectors of activities: entertainment, culture, B2B, events… all of which being part of practices now elected both by the professionals and the general public.


Philippe gave the talk in Busan, talking about how AR impact the industry like eCommerce, social media and online marketing in the future.


More information about Tech+ Forum can be found in their website:

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