[VIDEO] Rock of Ages AR app allows you to try on "Big Hair" hairstyles


[VIDEO] Rock of Ages AR app allows you to try on "Big Hair" hairstyles

Play Nicely has been working the last few weeks to deliver an original AR marketing campaign for Rock of Ages, the latest feature film by Warner Bros, which is being released in cinemas worldwide from June 15th.

Rock of Ages AR from Play Nicely on Vimeo.

The online AR experience allows fans to try on 3D models of official Rock of Ages “Big Hair” hairstyles via their live webcam stream. Choose from Tom Cruise’s mullet, Mary J. Blige’s fro and Alec Baldwin’s mop among other big 80s favourites, all to the film’s official rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

This is the Play Nicely's second project with Warner Bros this year, the first being the Wrath of the Titans AR experience last month. As a way of raising the bar with each release, for this campaign Play Nicely updated the AR system to include a broader range of props (add sunglasses or change hair-colour) and delivered it through a much more detailed and conceptually led interface.

As well as the original email, download, Facebook and Twitter photo sharing tie-ins, you can now also share your new 80s Big Hair persona on Pinterest. This app (build on D'Fusion for Adobe Flash) requires no additional plug-in to Adobe Flash, meaning you can try them on and take a photo in no time.

Try it for yourself

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