Discover Supercondriaque Movie Add-ons on your Mobile


Discover Supercondriaque Movie Add-ons on your Mobile

To coincide with the French movie release of Suprecondriaque, Pathé has imagined a mobile application to continue the experience with Danny Boon and Kad Merad.

Fans are invited to transform themselves in Danny Boon and Kad Merad, take pictures and share it with friends and family.

Pointing the mobile camera to the movie poster they will also discover some hidden sequences from the movie!

Supercondriaque tell the story of a man who is alone and hypercondriac. His doctor, the only friend he has, will try anything to cure this imaginary disease. His latest idea is to find him a wife, the big love who will make it forgot his obsession…

The whole mobile app was developed by Total Immersion, using D’Fusion software for the augmented reality part. This app includes face tracking and image tracking technologies patented by Total Immersion.

Download the Supercondriaque mobile application for iOS and Android.

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