[VIDEO] Tmall is using AR to demonstrate the future of e-commerce


[VIDEO] Tmall is using AR to demonstrate the future of e-commerce


Tmall, the B2C platform from Taobao has just finished their new logo announcement event from 29th March to 31st March in Beijing. Being the largest ecommerce company in the region, the event has successfully attracted a lot of eyeballs in the market.

There are totally 1,000 people is invited to the 3 day event. 300 media and press from TV, magazine and newspaper. 300 from Taobao cooperated brand clients such as RayBan and Lenovo; the final 400 is from the end users of Tmall platform.

After the 3 days event, it has successfully created a lot of noise and discussion in the internet about the future of e-commerce. There are total 1,362 posts can find which is discussing about the event on sina weibo, with over millions impression. Over 60,000 related webpage can found on Baidu Search which is talking about “Tmall” and “AR” just after the event.

The event is not only for announcing the new logo of Tmall, but aims to demonstrate the future of e-commerce. With the help of 12 AR set-ups, Tmall has showed how people can shop in the future: They can shop anywhere and anytime! There are interactive kiosks, Trylive watches, Trylive jewelry, Trylive eyewear and virtual fitting room…etc. Online shopping experience is improved and with no restriction in the future.



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