Football AR experience on Giant Screen


Football AR experience on Giant Screen

During the world cup 2014, Tune Group, the owner of Air Asia, held an event to watch the final of the world cup in Kuala Lumpur malls.

On a huge interactive screen equipped with a Kinect camera located in the Pavilion Shopping Mall, visitors were also invited to play to an augmented reality football game.

Each visitor was invited to take place in front of the screen to score a goal. When he kicks, the depth camera analyses the leg movement and reproduce the action in 3D on the screen. At the end of the action, a photo was taken and posted on the Facebook fan page.

The event was a real success! More than 60.000 visitors experience the AR Football game and talked about it on the social media.

The application has been designed and developed by Moving Walls, a Media Asset company owning several giant outdoor screens in Malaysia, using D’Fusion Pro augmented reality software.

Watch the video!

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