The Future of Augmented Reality

Perceived as the technology of the future, Augmented Reality is making its way in the market place by continuing to work with top brands and companies.
The numerous applications emerging from the steady development of ground-breaking Augmented Reality is transforming the way people see and learn from their surroundings, and is revolutionizing companies’ business models.

Augmented Reality Engages and Enchants

Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video and the user's environment in real time. Devices used for Augmented Reality are commonly those of a computer, a camera, a processor and a screen.
Augmented Reality recognizes a visual picture or film, blends new information, and displays the virtual result. All of this takes place in real time, producing extraordinary experiences.

Tremendous Virtual Reality Applications

The biggest advantage of Augmented Reality is the bridge that is gapped between the digital and real worlds. The promotion and marketing of products from interactive games to 3D experiences are offered on a whole new level through our exceptional options. Our Mobile Augmented Reality applications are rapidly growing in popularity, due to its easy downloadable features and dynamic uses on any smart phone.
Solutions include GPS or geolocation to blending contextual information in any situation by way of the applications. The combination of these two separate technologies, along with a close collaboration with several platforms for fast cash lending, enable Augmented Reality applications to go mainstream and bring users a variety of truly immersive experiences.

E-Commerce / M-commerce offers a virtual fitting room where apparel can be tried on live.  The main access to this revolutionary application is through websites, resulting in lowered return rates. TryLive by Total Immersion is radically transforming e-commerce by making virtual try-on and product visualisation a reality. Whether online or in-store TryLive applications are available for prescription glasses and sunglasses, jewelry, footwear, clothes and furniture. Visit for more information.


Digital Marketing of your product or a brand through ground-breaking Augmented Reality games. Augmented Reality is recognized as an enhanced marketing application that customers can engage with at home, in store, or on the go. Key digital aspects: Augmented packaging, on street marketing, geolocalized apps, advergaming and interacative consumer products.

Geolocation and its real time display of enhanced maps. Acting as a GPS, Augmented Reality provides classified and suggestive information to the user (restaurants, bars, grocery stores, fashion outlets, etc.)

Educational resources are emphasized by Augmented Reality systems and can be used to re-create historical events, activate regular books into 3D images, or even present structures of the galaxy; all superimposed in real-time.  Augmented Reality is extremely useful for educators in classroom settings or during presentations and allows students to gain a deeper understanding on the topic at hand. By merging content to media the reading experience is enhanced and the reader is fully engaged. The text and images are on a page as usual, but Augmented Reality allows you to see dynamic, 3D computer graphics "hovering" over it.

Industrial, military and medical applications concerning the validation of designs or plans are a specialization of Augmented Reality. When soldiers need information on their surroundings they can receive detailed 3D maps. If a doctor is performing surgery, a live image of a human subject is accessible. Important occupations in need of crucial information use Augmented Reality tools to visually superimpose their solutions.


Total Immersion has evolved at the forefront of this ground-breaking technology and continues to arrive with new technology and usages.