TryLive: Virtual Try-On and Product Visualization Solutions

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A Virtual E-Commerce Makeover

Compelling Try On • Buy Now shopping experiences at home, in-store and on the go.

TryLive is the next generation of 3D product visualization and virtual try-on solutions for the retail and e-commerce sectors. TryLive builds on Total Immersion’s 10+ years of augmented reality leadership and enables enhanced and social shopping experiences both at home, in store and on the go. TryLive makes the virtual dressing room, or virtual trial room, a reality. Using a camera-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone, shoppers obtain an accurate view of how eyewear, apparel, jewelry and watches will look and fit or how furniture, decor, and other products will fit in at home.

TryLive provides a richer experience for online shoppers, a revolutionary solution for retailers and a memorable marketing connection between both.

Online Fitting Room at the Touch of Your Hands

Good for Shoppers, Good for Business/Compelling Shopping Experiences, Designed for Business Online.

TryLive offers highly engaging experiences for shoppers, enabling richer interactions with your brand and products.
From visible higher sales results, to increased web traffic, and lower product returns, TryLive offers a turnkey solution that sets your brand apart from the rest. This easily implemented software can improve your core brand perception by strengthening client awareness and top of mind.
  • Immersive Interaction:

TryLive is both an engaging shopping experience and an effective selling tool. Shoppers can “take ownership” before buying. With the immersive power of the visual and kinesthetic senses, shoppers can try items on virtually and visualize furniture, furnishings, decoration and all sorts of appliances at home, in 3D, to scale and in situation. Customers can take snapshots of their product interactions and immediately share to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • Richer consumer experience:

TryLive: The next best thing after actual in-store shopping! Let customers make more informed shopping purchases by expanding your horizon and improving their abilities, eventually driving them to your retail stores.

  • Improved conversions, Reduced returns:
TryLive provides a direct connection to consumer confidence, spurring higher conversion rates, repeat visits and increased sales. 
By providing customers a clear picture of how your product looks on or fits in, TryLive increase confidence in the act of purchase and reduce product return rates, restocking and shipping fees.
  • Flexible pricing:

Flexible TryLive pricing allows experimentation to pay as you go. With increased usage comes increased business saving you money all at the same time.

  • Payment Support

TryLive has certain partners that can facilitate obtaining the same day funds you need to buy a certain good in a couple of moments.

  • Designed for multi-channel retail:

TryLive is a perfect fit for e-commerce, for the in-store retail experience, and for cross-channel commerce.

Virtual Mirror: The new face of eShopping

TryLive Eyewear

Customers can see themselves in a virtually limitless variety of styles and frames for eyeglasses.

Like what you see? Save the picture and send it to friends via Facebook or Twitter and let them vote on what they “like” best.



TryLive Home

Choose your new decoration directly from your home! TryLive Home enables to visualize furniture and objects in 3D, in situation and in live, enabling customers to buy online with confidence.

This new revolutionnary tool acts as an interior decorator and works also for posters on walls or for your new kitchen configuration.



TryLive Jewelry and Watches

Try on endless styles of new watches! Without ever stepping foot into a store, you can visually see yourself with that new electronic sport wrist band or a formal costume watch. Mix and match band styles, clock beds, colors, and more to chose the perfect watch.

Online jewelry brands can offer endless pictures of their products on their website, but giving shoppers the ability to virtually try on their next new ring, bracelet, or pair of earrings will give your company a step above the rest.



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