TryLive Retail - Augmented Reality Sales Tools

TryLive Retail is a transformational business tool to digitally showcase your products in-store.

Specifically designed for the sales force in the field, TryLive Retail includes all your sales collaterals, latest promotions and an Augmented Reality module to showcase products on-site, all in an elegant tablet application.

How it works?

Go in-store, identify a white space and place the marker on the floor at this location. Point the tablet camera to the marker and see your product appears in situation, adjust position and compare with different product sizes. Show to the retailer the best placement for your products in his space and convince it instantaneously!

A Transformational Selling Tool 

TryLive Retail helps win more effective retail presence and sell more products.

  • Sell More: Identify white space, improve placement and store footprint
  • Eliminate Barriers: Demo your product better in any retail setting
  • Engage Decision Makers: Innovative tool engages and captivates


TryLive Retail helps upgrade and simplify your selling process.

  • Easily and Instantly Distribute: New information to sales team
  • Integrate Existing Sales Tools: All digital tools available in one app
  • Go Paperless: Eliminate the need for printed materials

Unlimited, Scalable 3D Product Showcase

TryLive Retail is a cloud-based augmented reality solution available for iOS and Android. The interface design may be customized to support your corporate identity and your business needs; and the 3D products creation may be client-supplied or created to order.

  • Gain a competitive edge by virtually displaying your products anywhere in real time
  • True-to-scale sizing insures accurate spacing in any retail environment
  • Easily capture and share photos with decision makers
  • Dynamically manage and update product selection and sales support materials
  • Seamlessly integrate your sales tools in one single location


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