“Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet” the new Mobile & iPad Augmented Reality App


  • 2011
  • France
  • Automobiles & Components

Virtual Product Visualization

  • D’Fusion Mobile
  • iPhone
    iPad 2


  • Agence V


 The Golf Cabriolet is finally back since production haulted in 2002 after 23 years of success. Amongst all brands and types, soft-tops have always received significant attrention and the challenge still remains to present the latest vehicles as quickly as possible for the general public to discover and enjoy. The Agency  “Agence V”  has thought hard of the most efficient way to put the new model on show at dealers although it is not yet available.  

They came up with the use of Augmented Reality. This is how it's now possible to discover the new version of this old favorite. In the dealer’s showroom, visitors are either invited to upload the Volkswagen Virtual Golf Cabriolet application on their smartphone (iPhone and Android), or the authorized dealer provides them with an iPad with the application already loaded. Once the application is launched the user is able to view and experience the vehicle as if it is on site.

The ways to view the car are endless: whether it's opening the roof, turning the car, checking details, changing the body color, or the style of the rims. Offering the opportunity to virtually display the new Golf Cabriolet in full size from a smartphone is an Augmented Reality innovation which Total Immersion took beyond the limits of technologies.

“Promoting a legendary model such as the Golf Convertible for its revival through our Augmented Reality technology has been a really exciting challenge because it represents the first Augmented Reality car showroom on iPad2 in the world.” says Bruno Uzzan, CEO of Total Immersion. This application fully created by C4M has also been developed for the experience to be triggered from various supports including, press advertising, postal cards and internet web sites.

- 92% of car dealers were satisfied with the app - more than 20,000 downloads - more than 25,000 views by consumers