Atol: Face Tracking Application Set Sights Higher


  • 2011
  • France
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Launching its latest Adriana Karembeu collection, the French optical group wanted to expand beyond traditional sales and promotion models.

Total Immersion created an automatic and instant face-tracking application for Atol’s online site, allowing users to virtually try on anything in the collection and see exactly how it looks on and moves with their face.

Internet users enter the world of Augmented Reality through the stylish choices of Adriana Karembeu frames. Using a simple webcam, shoppers can select and try on different designs and colors in 3D. Enjoy shopping and trying on products in an experience remarkably close to that of visiting a physical store.  The viewer can take endless snapshots and share via Facebook or Twitter, increasing purchasing confidence and spreading product awareness.

Visit TryLive for further details of Total Immersion's virtual try on and product visualization solutions.

Atol became the first Optician offering Augmented Reality fitting for eyeglasses, establishing a competitive advantage and enhancing their online environment.

"We are extremely proud to offer this interactive application exclusively. It provides each of us an innovative and fun way to try on the Adriana Karembeu collection, right from our homes. This choice is part of our will to offer an online presale service and to uplift visitors’ rate in our outlets."

-Stéphane Solinski, Vice Managing Director of Atol les Opticiens