Citroen: Steering customers to an exciting brand experience


  • 2010
  • France
  • Automobiles & Components


  • D’Fusion @Home
  • PC



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Competing in a new segment against the BMW Mini and the Fiat 500, Citroen wanted a fun way to engage customers for its new DS3.

Total Immersion partner Astuce Prod created an Augmented Reality racing game that Citroen could feature in its showroom kiosks.

The experience started with a DS3 steering wheel printed on a promotional flyer.  Holding the flyer up to the kiosk launched the AR game and brought the steering wheel to life, allowing the user to pilot their DS3 in an exciting race through city and countryside. Users could also command 3D wire-frames of the DS3 that showed off the car’s design features. 

The cinematic showroom experience spurred test-drives and purchases while supporting Citroen’s innovative brand personality.