eBay: Fashion app fits online shopping giant perfectly


  • 2011
  • United States
  • Retailing

TryLive Eyewear

  • D’Fusion Mobile
  • TryLive Mobile
  • iPhone


The innovative online retailer needed a way to make virtual shopping fast, simple and convenient in an increasingly mobile world.

Total Immersion developed “See It On,” a mobile shopping feature within eBay’s Fashion app, allowing the user to virtually try on sunglasses in real time through Augmented Reality. Using an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch with a front facing camera, the app uses facial recognition to identify the user, allowing them to apply virtual sunglasses to their video image with remarkably realistic interaction.  The user is able to adjust the fit, choose different styles, frames, lenses and colors to find their perfect look.  Within the app they can then browse through eBay to find the perfect pair at the right price.

The ability to provide consumers with realistic simulation in an online shopping environment built confidence in the purchase decision, as well as enhanced the discovery and efficiency of the shopping experience.

  “By working with Total Immersion, we were able to bring augmented reality to the eBay Fashion iPhone app to allow consumers to experience products on eBay in a whole new way. Shoppers can skip the lines at stores to virtually ‘try on’ and shop for sunglasses wherever they are.” Steve Yankovich, vice-president, eBay Mobile