The endless possibilities of Augmented Reality on the Ipad2

Total Immersion

  • 2011
  • United States
  • Software & Services

Magical Mirror

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Apple’s hugely popular iPad did not feature an Augmented Reality experience, so with the release of the new iPad2, Total Immersion wanted to make a dramatic first impression.


Taking into consideration the functionalities and special new features of the next generation iPad, Total Immersion created an Augmented Reality application that took advantage of the iPad 2’s front and rear cameras.

The Augmented Reality Magic Mirror — the world’s first AR application for the iPad — uses advanced facial recognition to let users try wild virtual hairstyles, glasses and accessories on themselves, or use the rear camera to give a friend a make-over.  Magic Mirror applies virtual 3D enhancements to the users video image in real time, giving the iPad 2 a new level of personal interaction and visual sophistication.

Available as a free download, AR Magic Mirror has introduced thousands to the fantastic possibilities of Augmented Reality.

We are convinced that the new generation of tablets, led by the iPad 2, is a fantastic opportunity for developing new uses of Augmented Reality. With the portability, processing power and broad consumer adoption of the iPad 2, a simple face tracking app today could soon become an essential makeover tool with beauty products at retail.                                              Bruno Uzzan, Co-founder and CEO of Total Immersion.