An Orange Christmas Dance


  • 2012
  • France
  • Telecommunication Services

Giant Screen

  • TI Augmented Reality Pro SDK
  • Giant Screen


  • Marcel Havas Media

When a mobile operator combines festivities and innovation to reach consumers “Christmas as never seen before” is a truly appropriate name for the 360° Christmas fairytale campaign launched by Orange, the French mobile network operator. Far ahead of its competitors Orange trusted Total Immersion technology to create a multi-media, multi-platform, multi-channel experience. First of its kind, Augmented Reality’s live experience in France met its consumers in various public transportation locations. With the display of large screens, travelers and commuters were invited to join an interactive Christmas choreography dance-along by way of a multi-media promotional campaign.

Fun Festivities with Augmented Reality
The campaign launched on the 28th November 2011 surrounded the magic of Orange’s latest offers. It included an original Augmented Reality public virtual experience created by the agencies Marcel and Havas Media and developed by Total Immersion.
During a whole week, large interactive screens were displayed in three major train and underground stations in France; Gare du Nord train station, underground station Auber RER in Paris and train station Saint-Charles in Marseilles. Travelers and commuters were conveyed by Orange staff to place themselves on a marker in a star shape in front of the screen. This ground marker triggered the virtual characters of the Orange campaign "Christmas as never seen before” to pop-up on the screen (A dwarf, a fairy, Santa Claus and the three Wise Men) and invited the participant to join a live Christmas choreography. On La Reunion Island, the Christmas choreography campaign was also set up in a famous shopping mall and in Orange Stores everywhere.

A powerful relay to the web
At the end of the dance, participants could load their videos on various kiosks located nearby, to publish them on their favorite social networks. Some of them were shown on Orange’s digital platforms, such as its YouTube page providing yet another chance to live and re-live this exclusive virtual experience. Personalized Christmas cards also came as an additional feed together with a large seeding campaign (video contents spread on relevant blogs).

A new Augmented Reality dimension to trigger brand responsiveness This never seen before joyful public and unique interactive experience provided a special and jubilant universe around the brand new offerings at a specific time of sharing. The campaign targeted 95% of the 15 plus French population, 20 times in average. YouTube viewing of the participants’ experiences exceeded 500.000 and more than 600 videos were recorded over a 3 weeks period in the Reunion Island only.