Statoil: A corporate vision gets a dramatic boost


  • 2010
  • Norway
  • Energy

On Stage Event

  • TI Augmented Reality Pro SDK
  • PC



Augmented Reality , Brand Experience , Event , Jack Morton , New Projects , On Stage , Statoil , Total Immersion UK
The Norway-based oil and gas producer needed to communicate its new corporate vision to 30,000 Statoil employees spread throughout the world.

Total Immersion, working with Jack Morton Worldwide, produced one of the largest global Augmented Reality events ever undertaken.

Through satellite, video conferencing and a webcast linking 120 locations across the world, Statoil’s new corporate message and visual identity dramatically came to life with the support of Augmented Reality.  Working with models and drawings provided by Statoil, Total Immersion created an in-depth experience with exceptional true to life detail that was shared with the 30,000 employees and stakeholders of Statoil. 

Looking to highlight its future as a cutting edge company, Statoil unveiled an innovative and ambitious presentation to great acclaim. The overall event won a Silver IVCA Award in Experimental Digital Events.

  We are delighted to have been able to work with Statoil to show just what can be done with augmented reality. It’s changing the way we view the world, and when you super-impose this technology onto live brand experiences it gets really exciting. This is just the beginning. Julian Pullan, EVP Managing Director, EMEA, Jack Morton Worldwide.