Volkswagen Scirocco Cup AR Challenge


  • 2011
  • China
  • Automobiles & Components


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Volkswagen , Augmented Reality , Advergame , AR Challenge
Challenging the fastest tour per minute for high campaign returns, Scirocco produced an online Augmented Reality car racing in a specialized magazine. To promote its first manufacturer professional racing event in China, the brand placed a steering-wheel insert in one of the most popular car magazine in China and crossed the finishing line with over 900,000 internet page views.

An ingenious innovative mix

Calling on the expertise of worldwide advertising agency Ogilvy in Beijing, Creative Agency Axis3D and Augmented Reality leader Total Immersion, Volkswagen aimed to build true excitement for its Scirocco series and its first racing event in the Republic of China.

The ingenuity of the project came from the interaction between a paper advertising and an online Augmented Reality experience to reach Scirroco’s main target, young car enthusiasts and trend setters with a love for modern technology and adrenaline-pumping experience. A steering-wheel shape branded insert was placed in one of the most popular China’s car magazine inviting readers to visit the brand web site.

From there, they were able to choose out of 7 different Scirocco Cup 2010 Augmented Reality tracks and change the color of their vehicle. Once set up, they could take their racing car for a virtual spin just by holding up the wheel in front of the webcam of their computer, their left or right turning of the paper wheel shape dictating the car behavior around the race track on the screen.  

Brand recognition in a true-to-life Augmented Reality Experience

The excitement of such an innovative true-to-life racing experience brought to specialist readers generated a huge buzz and leveraged the fun, active and tech-advanced attributes represented by the brand. This project won the Bronze Media Lions for “Best Use of Print” at the Cannes Lions Festival (France), the world’s global event for creative professionals in the Communications Industry.  

Winning Numbers crossing the finishing line
50,000 readers took up the challenge (twice the client’s target)
More than 52,000 registered for the Scirocco Camp (far exceeding expectations)
200,000 unique visitors
900,000 page views
And 7% of virtual racers signing up for test drive VW 2010 best year ever for Scirocco sales