Augmented Reality App: Yoplait against hunger


  • 2012
  • United States
  • Food, Beverage & Tobacco

Augmented Reality Mobile App

  • D’Fusion Mobile
  • Android


  • Olson

  • Total Immersion


Total Immersion , Augmented Reality , AR , Mobile
Yoplait Greek, part of General Mills, the leading International food company, chose Augmented Reality to launch a unique cause-marketing concept. It combined the promotion of their Greek yogurt product, a protein-rich snack, with fund donations to US hunger-relief charities, members of US Feeding America ®, the leading US domestic hunger-relief charity with over 200 members.

  A Home, store and street AR quest to raise fund against hunger and malnutrition.

After downloading a simple interactive application developed by Total Immersion onto their smartphones, consumers were launched into a new virtual augmented reality quest. To become an active part of the Greek4Food campaign, they had to track Greek art and product messaging written on Yoplait Greek product packaging, on billboards in the streets of Chicago and New York , on coasters and T-shirts or on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter. By just holding up the camera of the device to it, images came to life and transformed into English text.   Each time a phone was used to decode a message designed for the Campaign with the application viewfinder, a point was unlocked and awarded to a  Feeding America® member Food Bank listed in the application. The highest number of points received by a Food Bank led to a 25,000$ donation prize. The Greater Chicago Food Depository was awarded 492 points with the highest amount of virtual decoding followed by the Second Harvest Heartland in St. Paul, Minnesota with 454 points.  

A First ever Mobil Application targeting Echo Boomers

The Greek4Good campaign represents the first ever mobile application for Yoplait. It targeted a segment of greek yogurt consumers with a strong following of millennial which largely developed through word of mouth. Yoplait Greek wanted to appeal to this group, generally familiar with communications, media, and digital technologies in a way that is reflective to their target values.  To do so, they launched a cause campaign using innovative tools and social networks. The use of a mobile application further increased opportunities to engage consumers. The campaign created by Olson, USA used Augmented Reality leader Total Immersion to develop this interactive application.

  “We created the Greek4Good app to help fight hunger in an innovative way…utilizing a unique interactive application that brings our product to life, we know the Greek4Good program will entertain users while allowing them to join us for a good cause." said Allison Curran, Yoplait Greek associate marketing manager at General Mills. “We appreciate Yoplait's commitment to hunger relief by creating this cool, interactive program to get people involved." said Vicki Escarra, president and CEO of Feeding America®