TryLive Eyewear

TryLive Eyewear works as a virtual fitting room, allowing online shoppers to preview exactly how any selection of fashion or optical eyewear will look.  Given the chance to preview products without stepping foot in a store, customers will be more inclined to buy.

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Looking good for consumers

  • Try on endless styles of eyewear from any camera-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Interchange lens and frames to find the perfect customized fit, size and color
  • Like what you see? Save the picture and send it to friends via Facebook, Twitter or other social media

Looking good for retailers

  • Increased customer engagement, better sales, and fewer returns
  • 2D photo and 3D real time video options
  • Specialized tools allows for fast implementation
  • Perfect for interactive digital or social media marketing, platform support for web, mobile and kiosk deployment


Provide your shoppers with the experience of “how it looks” just by accessing on the web

Instantly transforms any smart phone into a virtual fitting-room.  Easily interfaces with geo-localization applications.